Seems to be the way to go when you have been hacked… Distribute.IT seems to be communicating fine with it!

The real question is, does your domain register or webhosting provider have any DRP in place?… It is apparently clear that Distribute.IT does not.

But then again, you get what you paid for. In a world based around competition, one must wonder, are we sacrificing too much for a cheaper price? Is it possible to get the service we are after for such a low price point? Is there enough margins for companies providing cheap domains to service their client effectively.

I still remember 10 years ago, paying $140.00 to MelbourneIT (still the same) for a and $45.00 per month for webhosting and emails.  Now, $45.00 can get buy you an entire year of hosting. Is that really enough to pay someone to maintain, service and monitor these systems.

Should we all be on gmail? If it is good enough for Distribute.IT is it good enough for me!

HiS SlyneSS

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